Chartered Accountants
Mr. Deepak Pushkarna [F.C.A] - Partners
He passed C.A. in the year 2002., E MBA from Narsee Moonjee Institute of Management Studies. ,Certification Course on Valuation., Certification Course on Concurrent Audit of Banks., Certification Course on Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection.

Mr. R. P. Pandit [B.Com (Hons), F.C.A, A.C.S] - Partners
He passed C.A. in the year 1984.
Mr. Niteen M Kane [B.Com (Hons), F.C.A, A.C.S] - Partners
He passed C.A. in the year 1984.
Mrs. Poonam Shukla [B. Com., A.C.A] - Partners
She passed C.A. in the year 2009.
Mrs. Suganya
Other Details :
The Firm is implementing quality control policies and procedures designed Ensure that all audits are conducted in accordance with statement on Standard Auditing Practice (SAP-17).
Infrastructure :
The firm has offices with well laid out computer Networks and Telecommunication systems like Email etc. at all the offices.
Experience :
The firm has been rendering services to the Banks, Financial Institution & Corporate clients in various capacities like Branch Statutory Audits, Concurrent Audits, Revenue Audits, Stock Audits, Credit Audits, and Branch Inspection, Etc.
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