Valuation Consultants

Today's most pioneering organizations are looking for unlocking better value from accessible assets and constant capital expenditures—as well as new acquirements, reserves/investments and complex corporate arrangements. Simultaneously, regulators are challenging greater precision through fair value reporting, putting more stress on the significance of valuation and value analysis.

By amalgamating professionals with widespread valuation, procedural accounting fiscal reporting, tax, deal structuring, asset management and industry expertise, our valuation consultants in Thane offer you services that many others do not: a well- incorporated valuation, accounting, tax and business advisory model.
Our Valuation Consultants is structured around industry sectors and can assist you, our client, with all your valuation requirements, wherever you are in the world.


Our portfolio of Valuation Services comprises of:

  • M & A Valuations
  • Internal Evaluations
  • Joint Valuations
  • Intangible Asset Valuations
  • Portfolio Valuations
  • Tax Valuations

Valuation Consultants in Thane | R.P.Pandit & Associates